The Coral Collection

Think of coral and your mind is whisked off to the crystal-clear, tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef, the tidal gardens of the Pacific and the pale white sands of the Caribbean oceans. Playing a crucial part in a unique ecosystem, coral is home to many brightly coloured fish and unseen organisms that help keep our seas healthy and thriving.

In the past, divers and visitors would buy real coral fragments that they would display in their homes as sea captured treasures. Today, we are more aware of our environment’s impact, so here at Decor Bay, we decided to create our Coral Collection as a true celebration of the ocean. 

Taking existing specimens of coral, we created realistic moulds that include its unique surface patterns and nuances. Our Coral Collection uses resin to replicate the tones and matte bleached finish. The result is a stunning collection of delicate-looking organic shapes that recreate the neutral palettes and tactile forms of coral. 

We have created a variety of sizes so that you can choose from one stand-out signature piece or smaller sculptures that can be intermingled with complimenting accessories. These ornaments are perfect for styling occasional tables, adorning fireplaces or providing a talking point in living rooms. Why not pair with one of our home fragrance collections for a truly indulgent look. The collection works beautifully with modern deco furniture styles and acts as a contrast to brushed metals, plump upholstery, mirrored and marbled surfaces.

The Coral Collection’s timeless appeal means any piece will be a versatile investment and stand the test of changing interior styles while adding nature-inspired luxury and a connection with the wonders of natural design.

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