Living Room Furniture Trends

Whether it’s choosing a complete ensemble or one signature piece, investing in furniture for living room areas can throw up a multitude of options. 

At Decor Bay, we have handpicked key pieces that not only provide timeless elegance but can help modern homes utilise their space with style and practicality. As with many of the key interior trends this year, our collection has been created to add calming tones with mixed material combinations adding aesthetic accents and textural charm.

Cocktail Charm

The iconic era of classic cocktail lounges where the fabulous and famous became pin-up icons has made a revival in interior design. Taking the ethos of this style, modern furniture has incorporated the mirror and glass surfaces that juxtapose with the minimalist frames but added a more subtle and sophisticated twist that makes it right at home in contemporary homes. 

To match this style, Decor Bay have included a range of collections that work beautifully with the cocktail and retro luxe inspired interior.

The first is Alderley, a handcrafted collection of delectable furniture that nods at the styles of the art deco period. Each piece showcases how furniture frames can add geometric interest while pairings with glass and mirrored surfaces add the sparkle. The glossy surfaces are a great way to bounce light around modern homes and add that fizz of style when entertaining. The collection consists of cocktail cabinets, an open display unit, side, coffee and console tables.

If you are looking for a retro luxe style with a softer feel, then the Camberley provides a choice of two oval side tables that celebrate the pairing of curves and metal. Both have a glass top and a mirrored bottom shelf providing a practical and stunning way to display a carefully chosen accessory.

Think of the roaring cocktail era, and many will think of the travel pioneers such as Amelia Earhart. Henley ties in the cocktail with a more adventurous campaign feel. It uses the same contrast principles using hammered metal and polished glowing gold finish making it ideal for contemporary homes.

The Knightsbridge collection offers the perfect solution for those wanting all the glam and excitement without compromising on style and sophistication. It’s bold polished gold legs contrast against the shiny tempered glass. While stylish, we haven’t forgotten about the practicality, and each piece is formed of a nest of tables that provide a flexible solution for entertaining or everyday use.

Classic Revival

Choosing a classical style does not mean having to compromise on the most up to date interior elements that we see in today’s high-end design magazines. Selecting a piece that has timeless charm means your investment is likely to remain a home favourite for many years to come. Our classic revival collection uses a mix of versatile materials that will work with a multitude of colour and styles while finishes are kept to a premium, with carefully chosen finishes in their construction and handles.

Chevron styles have long been a favourite in home design, and Brompton incorporates the pattern using a natural grey oak which is paired with gold handles. Not only is this a stylish addition to any interior, but it’s also a practical one too. With plenty of space to house your best glasses ready for entertaining or hiding away books and everyday clutter. 

Turn the pages of any luxury design publication, and you will see that the reclaimed and repurposed look can work successfully with modern palettes. The Camden is a perfect example. This versatile piece provides all the practicality while it’s design exudes rustic charm and creates an eye-catching focal point.

We wanted to put together a comprehensive collection of furniture that can be used in many settings, whether that’s living areas, bedrooms, or hallways. The Islington was the result. Whether you use all the pieces in one room or provide continuity throughout your home, the range adds all the classic charm with subtle detailing that you would expect from a luxury collection. Each piece is constructed from greying oak veneer that’s versatility can work with a range of colour palettes and weather the test of trends. Detailing through gold handles in rectangular designs add a mixed material interest. 

Art deco inspired homes dotted along the Thames and near the quaint and affluent Marlow inspired our next collection. Marlow’s fluted octagonal arch structures are formed using an antique gold iron frame with a tempered glass top. Both the coffee and side table add all the elegance and a perfect place to display a gorgeous accessory (or two).

The Modernist

We handpicked several collections that would fit in minimalist or contemporary homes for those looking for all the cool and uncomplicated chic of modern furniture. We were keen to ensure that all pieces offer versatility and cater to many of the home gadgets that we often struggle to house or jar against our interior design schemes.

Chelsea consists of a sideboard and media unit, both of which are finished in a grey gloss surface that’s inlaid with geometric gold details. The mix of grey and gold adds a reassuring luxury feel, while the media unit’s practicality means you can successfully hide the paraphernalia associated with our latest gadgets.

Similarly, our Cobham collection draws on the endearing style of subtle grey finishes with a textured oak veneer with gold handle details which add a contrasting material interest. The simple detailing adds an uncomplicated elegance, and it’s gold accents add a modern twist.

An icon of modern style, Conrad celebrates modern form with a warm grey timber veneer and contrasting brass legs. We chose this media unit as a practical piece that would add that focal point to any room while providing all the handy storage you’d expect for modern tech.

Mixed Material

Contrasting finishes continue to feature heavily in home design; whether that’s combining wood with metals, monochrome palettes or hard and soft, combinations play a massive part in key trends. With this in mind, our following collections showcase how you can incorporate this look into your interior design.

Combining rich dark brown oak veneer with bright gold handles adds a punchy element to any interior and our Berkshire collection is the epitome of contrasting finishes. Whether you choose the media unit or sideboard, both offer a practical solution when in use or a stylish icon to be enjoyed.

Choosing that perfect side table is never easy, but our Cranleigh collection is a versatile piece that celebrates the contrast between glass and metal. Its circle top contrasts beautifully with the delicately tapered metal legs.

If you are looking for that one signature piece, then the Kensington media unit is an obvious choice. It’s mix of luxurious black gloss, and natural shell veneer inlay provides a talking point in any room. It’s one of those pieces that uses an understated form to add impact and will remain a favourite for any homeowner looking for an investment piece of luxury furniture.

Synonymous with London’s great offices, our Westminster collection uses a mix of dark wood veneer, which contrasts against simple brass handles. An added layer of interest is created by using the veneer on an angle so that the grain detail provides an eye-catching feature.

Oriental meets Hygge

We all may have been missing our travels and escapes over the last year, which is reflected in a growing love of including cultural inspired interior design. Another trend that appeared towards the end of last year was a lean towards Japandi, a mix of oriental and hygge elements. With this in mind, we wanted to include a range of furniture that explored this look in both form and colour. 

Grosvenor combines simple geometric oriental design with the softer light greys associated with the soothing palettes of Hygge. This combination adds a comforting and luxury finish to each piece while adding an element of interest to each room design.

The blacked hammered details of Taplow bring an oriental charm to any room. Sitting on a matte black frame, the hammered bowl top is finished in a brass edging with a nod to the orients’ temple architecture.

Our talented team are always on hand to discuss your interior requirements, and with an ever-growing library of furniture to tie in with a multitude of luxury design styles, we are sure you will find the perfect new addition to your contemporary or modern home.

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