An Array Of Home Fragrances

Luxury Home Scents designed to set the scene

Adding a curated and inspirational scent into your home can really help create the perfect atmosphere. From creating calm with botanical highlights, rejuvenating the senses with refreshing citrus or adding the exotic with warm spices, our home scents collection has been carefully curated to add an air of sophistication to any room. 


Our candles have been designed to look stylish when not in use and provide a symphony of scent during their burn time. 

Choose from the modern, contemporary Sandy Bay collection with stylish geometric design giving the nod to a decadent art deco period. If you’re looking for crystal luxury, our Peppermint Grove collection comes in a gently fluted container which creates beautiful patterns when lit and looks stylish as a stand-alone home accessory. 

Both candle collections offer the aesthetics for the design-savvy home while providing the best in glorious scent.

Home Diffusers

The Home Diffusers pair beautifully with candles or can be used to fragrance a room on their own. The same signature styles of Peppermint Grove and Sandy Bay are reflected in the bottle of the diffuser, while the reeds have been selected to provide a continual flow of absorbing scent. 

Not all noses are the same, and many homeowners want scents that mirror their style. Our home scents collection provides something for everyone. With careful perfume pairings, it has resulted in a veritable apothecary of exotic and indulgent aromas – perfect for self-indulging or gifting!

Fresh & Fabulous

Fresh, floral and airy scents create the perfect setting for communal areas such as hallways and kitchen areas where a waft of carefully chosen scent tickles the senses.  

Try: Peppermint Grove Gardenia; Peppermint Grove Burnt Fig & Pear; Sandy Bay Orange Amaro; Sandy Bay Lemongrass & Lime

Sensual & Seductive

Enticing the senses and setting the scene, intoxicating rich scents of warm exotic perfumes evoke a touch of luxury in any home. These are perfect for anyone wanting to add drama to interior spaces.

Contemporary Chic

Evoke the feel of a modern, stylish city hideaway or the minimalist designs of loft living by selecting an uncomplicated scent pairing. Not overpowering but indulgent enough to set the scene and wrap you in contemporary chic.

Try: Peppermint Grove Patchouli & Bergamot; Peppermint Grove Wild Jasmine & Mint

Beach Life

Transforming your home into an exotic paradise where wafts of scent transport you to tropical idylls can be evoked with our beach-inspired candles and diffusers.

Try: Peppermint Grove Sage & Cedar; Peppermint Grove Oceania; Peppermint Grove Lemongrass & Lime; Sandy Bay Sel de Mar

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