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Living Room Furniture Trends

Whether it’s choosing a complete ensemble or one signature piece, investing in furniture for living room areas can throw up a multitude of options.  At Decor Bay, we have handpicked key pieces that not only provide timeless elegance but can help modern homes utilise their space with style and practicality. As with many of the key interior trends this year, our collection has been created to add calming tones with mixed material combinations adding aesthetic accents and textural charm. Cocktail Charm The iconic era of classic cocktail lounges where the... Read More


A Touch Of Instant Luxury

Cushions are the must-have accessory for any home. As with that designer outfit, you’re never fully dressed without a gorgeous handbag, and similarly, cushions are the vital finishing touches that can help set the scene in living and bedroom areas. They’re also a great way of adding your personality and individuality quickly and effortlessly to your home. Decor Bay focuses on the luxurious, elegant and timeless style that works in contemporary and modern homes, and our cushions reflect this ethos perfectly. Our collection focuses on the best of patterns, texture,... Read More


An Array Of Home Fragrances

Luxury Home Scents designed to set the scene Adding a curated and inspirational scent into your home can really help create the perfect atmosphere. From creating calm with botanical highlights, rejuvenating the senses with refreshing citrus or adding the exotic with warm spices, our home scents collection has been carefully curated to add an air of sophistication to any room.  Candles Our candles have been designed to look stylish when not in use and provide a symphony of scent during their burn time.  Choose from the modern, contemporary Sandy Bay... Read More


The Coral Collection

Think of coral and your mind is whisked off to the crystal-clear, tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef, the tidal gardens of the Pacific and the pale white sands of the Caribbean oceans. Playing a crucial part in a unique ecosystem, coral is home to many brightly coloured fish and unseen organisms that help keep our seas healthy and thriving. In the past, divers and visitors would buy real coral fragments that they would display in their homes as sea captured treasures. Today, we are more aware of our... Read More


Welcome to our new site

Welcome to Decor Bay.  All great design starts with a blank canvas, and it is this very catalyst that provided the foundations for Decor Bay. We have taken the best in stylish decor in calming, ethereal neutral palettes and applied these to our furniture, accessories and soft furnishing collections. The result is a collection of luxurious accents and feature pieces that make it easy for homeowners to replicate boutique styles and coveted designs that are often seen gracing the covers of coffee table magazines. Our own journey started with our... Read More